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Day No. 9: Garlic, Surfing and Tapas

By on May 19, 2016

I presume Pamplona is not a very young city because when I arrived there was no one to be seen and it seemed almost deserted. I had missed the…

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Day No. 4: Pyrenees Off-Road

By on May 18, 2016

Bridges were scattered all over the Pyrenees, running over small streams and massive rivers, but I wasn’t complaining – the views from the top were stunning, what more could…

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Day No. 2: Pain aux Chocolat

By on May 17, 2016

After staying at a random campsite close to the Eurotunnel I headed to Alencon next to Le Man to stay with my aunt and her family. I had a…

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Day No. 1: Newcastle to Ely via York

By on May 16, 2016

It was a sunny day in South Shields when I started on my journey, which seemed like a good omen. With everything packed, my panniers mounted and tires checked,…